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Plenary Day 3: Portugal

Remains committed to shared responsibility. Our policy is balanced between supply and demand, including harm reduction, drug prevention and supply reduction and under the policy of decriminalisation.

Our policy is based on humanism and pragmatism, reducing health and social consequences. High level of health and well being is key. Decriminalisation since 2001, though maintains drug use as illicit behaviour. Treatment key. Commission are preventative interventions. Personal circumstances key. This law is demand reduction by sending drug users to treatment.

The Portuguese policy has gained international visibility including from government and advocacy groups. Our results show positive evolution on most indicators. Decrease of all drugs among young people. Less cases in the penal system. More users in treatment. Less intravenous drug users and drug related infections .

Decriminalisation created a legal framework, is part of a comprehensive approach. The implementation of harm reduction measures protect users and society as a whole. EU drug strategy is positive evidence of harm reduction. Reducing drug use by improving these measures are the pragmatic aims of our policy. Economic crisis places more problems for vulnerable groups. We assure unodc that the international community must tackle all aspects of the world drug problem.

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