Committee of the Whole – Resolution L11: Improving the governance and financial situation of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime: recommendations of the standing open-ended intergovernmental working group on improving the governnance and financial situation of UNODC

original draft can be found here:

Chair: it is my understanding the resolution L11 and L12 has been extensively dicussed and certain consensus has been reached so I will want to ask if the house should accept the resolution without further discussion. But since Mexico has also observed a need to have a cosmetic change to paragraph 11c, I think we should go straight there.

Mexico:  The pragraph is miles long and does not make it easy to understand . The idea is for the group to support the improvement of the financial situation of UNODC for a robust performance.

The following adjustment were made to the paragraph
c. …… on the basis of a proposal of the co-chairs of the working grouo with the support f the secretariat and on the basis of requests by member states, a cycle aimed at promoting transparency and encouraging the involvement among relevant stakeholders, as well as dialogue between member states and secretariat through which the working group can recieve and discuss.:
i. Result-based reports on individual programmes, as well as a summary overview of UNODC programmes, including priorities  resultss and implementation, in particular the funding gaps abd their impact on the delivery capacity of the office
ii. Presentations from the secretariat on………..

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