Committee of the Whole – Resolution L13: Preparation for the high-level review of the implementation by member states of the Political declaration and Plan of Action on International Cooperation towards

Draft resolution submitted by the chair:

The original text can be downloaded here

Ukraine: propose another additional preamble and paragraph as follows : ‘ recalling General Assembly resolution 67/193 which decided that these activities be funded from existing resources.


St Lucia: Proposal to include a new paragraph in the pre-ample section the language from CND resolution 54/11 that encourages member states to ensure civil society plays a participatory role in development of drug control programmes and policies, in particular reference to aspects of demand reduction

US: adds to St Lucia proposals to ensure civil society rules abide by ECOSOC rules

Venezuela: Think civil society involvement is guaranteed in previous paragraphs and as such the reference to 54/11 should be removed.

Ecuador: Supports Venezuela’s proposal to remove the paragraph

UK: Supports St.Lucia in that civil society should have an important role.

Egypt: Claims reference to resolution 54/11 is out of context in this resolution and should be removed.

Norway: Agrees with St.Lucia about including this paragraph.

Pakistan: Has a counter proposal with some toned down language downplaying the role of civil society

Russia: This new paragraph that has been included does add value to the resolution and that civil society is mentioned elsewhere in the resolution and that this new paragraph from St.Lucia is not needed

Turkey: Supports Russian position to remove this new paragraph.

Netherlands: As the paragraph by “St.Lucia” include “where appropriate”, the proposed paragraph is fine as it is.

Debate continues:

To be completed tomorrow

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