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International Narcotics Control Board statement on 2012 report

INCB statement:

Need to have a balanced between supply and demand reduction as well as preventing the first use for drugs. In some western countries where primary prevention has not been taken as seriously as it could, this sends the wrong message. As such, we need shared objectives and responsibility for these policies.

While the conventions have shown themselves to be successful. Some countries haven’t adopted these measures and undermine these efforts. Countries who haven’t sign the conventions, should do so.
The Bolivian issues around coca is only relevant to coca.

INCB welcome meeting with civil society organisations in national settings and commends the work of civil society organisations.

INCB calls on Afghan governments to improve measures around reducing supply and demand.

We welcome the resolution last year to develop a system to monitor import and exports of substances and the operational system will functioning next year.

NPS are an increasing thereat to public health. Government need to take more action on this issues and manufactures and there are too many loopholes for producers to use. We need better early warning systems as well as more primary prevention measures to reduce abuse of these substances.

The three conventions are the best way to address the multiple challenges faced by drugs today. We need to ensure national authorities have the adequate resources to tackle this issue.

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