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Statement by UNAIDS

HIV through IDU is one of the main unresolved challenges of the international community and the lack of access to services is a key challenge we must address. The UNAIDS global report contains some very sobering statistics.

Of the 16 million IDU – 3 million have HIV. With our target now being only 3 years away, measurable progress is hard to show.
Harm Reduction strategies are desperately needed. This includes NSP, OST, HIV testing, ART and condom programs. We need evidence based approaches founded on human right principles when dealing with drug dependency

We have called with many other UN bodies for the closure of forced treatment and compulsory drug detention centres.

We also supported the production of report of the Global commission on HIV / LAW
The report recommendation:
– Dont punish people, give them access to HIV and health services
– Harm reduction and voluntary treatment for drug dependency

Harm reduction services have also been shown to be very cost effective. Economic modelling has shown savings are substantial.

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