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CND Plenary Day 1 – Replies to INCB report

European Union
There is a focus on demand reduction and emphasises the need for treatment. Welcome INCB’s work on NPS. Committed to bilateral and regional cooperation. Including judicial cooperation, and drug monitoring agencies. Need full respect for human rights. Want to see human rights included into all the CND does. EU opposed to death penalty in all circumstances. EU likes the involvement of civil society, NGOs, people who use drugs, young people, etc. EU also concerned about NPS. Prevention is one of a range of mutually reinforcing areas. Committed to investing in risk and harm reduction measures.

IN order to better support the INCB, China has nominated a candidate to be a member.

Ketamine: China will be talking about this on the resolution.

33 chemicals have been controlled in Thailand. To fight against drugs is impossible by only one country. Thailand is thankful for the NPS control and identification conference held in 2013. Will continue to monitor and exchange data on processors. Thailand also shares the INCB’s concerns on the legalisation in Uruguay and US states but respects states right of sovereignty.

India closely follows these reports. The 2013 INCB report was enlightening and thanks the INCB for looking at the work that India has done. Because of it’s proximity to heroin producing countries, India has always know the need for good controls on precursors. India has passed new regulation which will take effect soon. The regulation does not include codeine, points out mistakes in the report. New legislation in India will address the limits on prescribing opioids to allow people in pain to access them while limiting diversion.

Canada pleased to welcome the INCB when it visited.

Strong supporters of INCB’s efforts to work with compliance with the conventions. The report notes the costs to health, governance, and security. Provides member states with information about new trends. Supports INCB work on precursors and NPS. Looking forward to UNGASS 2016.

Colorado and Washington
1) the US is committed to upholding UN drug control treaties
2) the federal government will monitor developments in colorado and Washington to ensure that they will not cause problems to health and safety.
3) respect the INCB’s role in monitoring, and will continue to work with them to minimise misunderstandings.

Express concern at trend of legalisation. NEed to counter the world drug problem. Law enforcement measures should not be lost sight of. They are effective. The narcotics force has seized over 200 tonnes of drugs and chemicals. Still opium free. Concerned about cannabis. Want to see measures against cannabis.

INCB report a comprehensive overview. Commitment to prevention and treatment is a priority. Want to limit the use of death penalty. Capital punishment an impediment to international cooperation. Call on countries to respect the treaties and their true intentions. Fully support the INCB.

Deep concern about recreational use of cannabis. Solemnly oppose this. Support INCB statements on cannabis legalisation. Medical use of cannabis should be under strict control.

Our country attaches high importance to drugs issue. Drug use is a part of human history, no society has escaped it. The recorded harms of it have increased. It is a major challenge to issue a policy that takes care of the drug problem. Brazil has strong commitment to implement the three drug conventions and supply information to the INCB. There is a recognition in our policy that data makes it possible to generate better solutions. Makes a correction to the report in 816 and 817.

European Commission
INCB report rich in information. Especially about precursors. The EU has substantially revised its precursor legislation. Need to make full use of the tools available. Non scheduled substances and precursors are important, glad they were covered in high-level statement. New legislation will ensure robust system. Changes include: Exports containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine much go through a robost process. Fast acting mechanisms put in place. Voluntary monitoring. Established a database. Working with Latin countries and Russia in bilateral agreements.

INCB reply
Thanks everyone who has provided support. Thanks for the warm words. It feels good given the current climate. We’re happy about the quality that you’ve highlighted. You should be thanking yourselves: it’s information you supplied to us. Encourage stragglers in the provision of data so the INCB can submit an even better report.

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