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CND Plenary Day 1 – USA

The assessment of the UNODC ED in his report is useful and we will continue to look to UNODC to prepare towards 2016. UNODC’s leadership is demonstrated in programme delivery and evaluation of success. We value the effectiveness and transparency of programmes. In this difficult budgetary context, we appreciate the role of UNODC. But we must recognise new challenges and plan. In all cases, UNODC’s work should continue in line with and in support of the 3 UN drug conventions, transnational organised crime and corruption. There are many examples of the UNODC’s activities – demand reduction, treatment and rehabilitation, as part of a comprehensive approach.

In 2013, the USA demonstrated support by providing over 3 million dollars to UNODC for Asia. We continue to support supply reduction initiatives, including the container control programme Paris Pact, illicit crop monitoring and other research activities. We support UNODC’s analysis of trends of the SMART programme on NPS. We also recognise UNODC’s support for ECOWAS on trafficking, crime and drug abuse in West Africa.

Resource challenges and trends impact on the UNODC’s activities. We continue to be the largest donor to UNODC. We provided over 50 million dollars to UNODC. It is also essential that UNODC continues to evaluate itself in terms of outcomes and activities. The level of overhead costs may mean that UNODC may not be competitive with other technical bodies. This may also impact on UNODC’s global scale activities.

On the strategic framework, we will provide written comments on cost-efficiency and transparency of UNODC field offices and in Vienna.

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