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CND Plenary Day 2 – Statement by IOGT International

IOGT International  We are a new platform of organisations. We have global network of 150 organisations.

Drug abuse is related to a number of social and health factors. It is associated with an exacerbation of social programmes. The objective of drug policy is to prevent these harms. Drug prevention, community-based strategies promoting a drug-free environment are key. This should be supported by prevention and evidence-based interventions.

Drug use is particularly harmful to youth. They should be the target for prevention. It does not only affect the drug user, but families and friends too. There is a need for a comprehensive approach with prevention, treatment and rehab. We also need to address mental health problems. We must also address health, education, employment, crime. Recovery is the best way for individuals to minimise the risks of drugs. Alternative sanctions that impose abstinence and drug courts should become a key tool for recovery. To promote public health and public safety, governments must adhere to the three conventions and the convention on the rights of the child. Yes, we need alternatives, but we don’t want to create a public health disaster with legalisation.

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