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Committee of the Whole – E/CN.7/2014/L.13 (revisted)

Chair: one remaining para open.

Still open.

USA: In the last line, it should say “in accordance with domestic law and legal framework”

Australia: insertion of referecnes to health professionals and civil society.
Egypt: We would have to change language throughout
Australia: keep generic “relevant professionals”
Egypt: insert national in there
Australia: inserting national would narrow it too far.
Egypt: NGOs can’t do that
USA: Support Australia, maybe use the term “licensed or certified”
Egypt: that’s fine. Add in “working under domestic law and legalframe work and in accordance with…”
USA: “applicable legislation”


Chair: there was a lot of discussion about this yesterday.
Egypt: Should be omitted from the text. Delete.

Chair: delete

Chair: delete
Egypt: does not specify who carries out the quality assurance
Greece: 8 becomes OP6
Canada: Can we please go back to OP5 to ensure we’re all clear.

OP8 (now OP6)


There are no budgetary implications

Chair propose to adopt resolution


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