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Committee of the Whole – E/CN.7/2014/L.14

Protecting public health by ensuring adequate services for drug abusers regardless of limited resources E/CN.7/2014/L.14

Greece: Draws attention so that member states won’t withdraw funding to essential addiction services in hard economic times

Greece: Change the title, limited resources not the main point, violent changes in economic situations is.

New title is

“Protecting public health by striving to ensure provision of adequate services for individuals affected by substances use disorders based on existing limited resources due to intense economic downturns.”

Greece: “in times of societal disequilibrium due to intense economic downturns.”

USA: title getting longer.

Chair: bracket the title




USA: “state parties” not “member states”





Pakistan: Delete some of the paragraph

Portugal: Explains their understanding of the resolution. A vulnerable area is financial support. Need to ensure. Need to retain the paragraph.

Pakistan: Very difficult for our delegation for us to support the whole para.

Greece: Speaking about suddenly unexpected changes

Pakistan: in many systems there is only a fixed amount provided to the health system, countries with constitutional limits on amounts might be put in an awkward place. The entire paragraph is not reflective of entire world. We can live with the first sentence. Very hard for us to comprehend.

Chair: keep it bracketed, Greece and Pakistan to go into informals

Pakistan: We can go along with this proposal. Minor amendment about

Pakistan: Talks about “changing economic conditions” needs to be more specific. Please keep in brackets so we can talk about it.

Greece: we’ve already defined it.

Chair: Greece and Pakistan can work together on compromise language.

Canada: adds in clarification about where the paragraph came from,

Egypt: Alternative wording from the political declaration in 2009

Iran: supports Egypt’s change

Portugal: Supports Canada’s change. Thankful for Egypt’s suggestion, Keep the current formulation, as the concern raised by egypt is addressed latter in the document.

Egypt: Bracket for now until we see operative.

Pakistan: Both proposals useful. We need to consider all of them. New formulation proposed.

Egypt: Support this.

Para bracketed


Pakistan: raises concerns about the refence to “insufficient economic resources”. This is not consistent with the true intent of the resolution. Suggest deletion.

Greece: this para is the bridge to the operational paragraphs. We need to keep it.

Egypt: another formulation.


Egypt: addition about common and shared responsibility


Egypt: Add in new para about “Calls on Member states through bilateral, regional and international cooperation where appropriate to collaborate in the provision of public health disorder services through the provision of all kinds of assistance upon request in order to improve their ability to address drug abuse and related health and social consequences on the individual and society.

Pakistan: changes to wording.

???: I don’t think this paragraph fits in with the resolution. Want to delete it or at least move it further down.

Austria: minor changes.

France: Support Austria, could accpet rewording, but we need to look at where it sits

Pakistan: minor changes.

USA: Not sure how it fits with the rest of the resolution. Suggest language to tie it into the aim of the paragraph.

Chair: bracket this paragraph and we can come back to it later

Pakistan: minor changes to wording


Cameroon: It cannot begin with recognising if it is an operative paragrpah.

???: need to clarify

Para bracketed

Netherland: minor changes

Portugal: This paragraph was negotiated by ministers at high level and was very complicated. Asks that members of COW respect that.

Pakistan: suggest new wording.

???: Measures should be taken to tackle the economic situation. Prefer previous wording.

Portugal: Re-empahsises point about the joint ministerial statement. Wants to avoid deja vu, and revert to the agreed paragraph from the joint ministerial statement (29th para).

Pakistan: Doesn’t see any reason why we should do that. But if we have to do that, then want to bracket part of it and come back to it.

Cameroon: Member states do not coordinate with stakeholders. Need to request things which are feasible. Cameroon will not do so if our sovereignty is denied.

Pakistan: our party was involved with the joint ministerial statement. We support it. But sticking to the agreed language from that would mean we have to do it in all instances.

Chair: bracket

USA: confused as to how the para ties into the resolution. Want to delete, but if we have to work with it then change the wording.

Pakistan: agree with the USA. Needs to be improved or deleted.

Greece: There are vulnerable groups which could be excluded. Which call for policies which avoid measures that will put these groups at more risk.

Pakistan: minor changes

Spain: If we want to safeguard against discrimination, does not consider countries already doing this. Not a question of continuing the safe guarding.

Pakistan: We need to pin point whether there is discrimination. We can get rid of it or frame it in a pistiv manner.

Greece: the paragraph is important. Would like to add a phrase

Pakistan: suggests  alternative wording

Greece: Taling about behavioural drug addiction

Russia: we cannot agree with this paragraph because of “comprehensive health services”

Greece: “comprehensive health services” this language was a suggestion of russia

Cameroon: Doesn’t understand “comprehensive health services” either.

Chair: Bracket the paragraph and sponsor to hold an informal.

Peru: raises issue about refugees

Holland: Need for the paragraph.

???: Keep it generic

Discussion run out of time.

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