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Committee of the Whole – E/CN.7/2014/L.5

Raising awareness and strengthening internationalcooperation in combating drug trafficking in opiates which misuses trade inopium poppy seeds

Germany.  3 different resolution.  Cannot take this and cannot examine without electronic copy.  This is a very changed resolution from the beginning.  We can’t get approval from capital.

Title…should be as follows.

Raising awareness and strengthening international cooperation in combating drug trafficking in some cases, which misuses activities related to opium poppy seeds for illicit purposes.

Poppy seeds not controlled are not under the conventions.  Don’t contain alkaloids.  If poppy seeds whether they are opium or food, could only contain alkaloids because of poor harvesting.  Not intentionally cooperated by alkaloids …we have no evidence.

UK.  Important for resolutions of CND to focus on items within its mandate.  Can’t relate to trade and food issues beyond competence of CND.  Support amendments to the text.  In re amendment proposed by Germany, move the word “which”…UK does not support any issues that fall outside mandate of CND and are international trade and food.

India.  At the outset I would like to make it very clear that this resolution is about combating poppy seed produced out of illicit cultivation of poppy.  Aimed at curbing this type of trafficking.  Not trade in normal food poppy seeds.  Trade in seeds grown out of illicit production of poppy.  Delegation would also like to suggest that we revisit title after we go through the text.  [Bracket the title]

PP1. Reaffirming its resolution 51/15 of March 14 2008 o control of international movement of poppy seeds obtained from illicitly grown opium poppy plants. (Agreed)
PP2.  Recalling its resolution 5312 of March 8 2010 on strengthening systems for the control of the movement of poppy seeds obtained from illicitly grown opium poppy crops in which it called upon MS to cooperate closely and exchange information on and experiences in dealing with, the movement of opium poppy seeds in order to prevent smuggling of opium poppy seeds for illicit purposes.  (Agreed)
PP3.  Taking into account ECOSOC resolution 1999/32 of 28 July 1999 on international regulation and control of trade in poppy seeds, article 22 of the SC as amended concerning prohibition of the illicit cultivation of opium poppy and the Action plan…..and on Alternative development…(agreed)
PP4.  Bearing in mind that , according to the provisions of the international drug control conventions opium poppy seeds are not subject to international control  (German addition of last phrase). (agreed)
PP5. Recognizing the benefit of continuing sharing knowledge among Member states on the existing national regulations in regard to opium poppy seeds.  (Germany amends)

India.  Comment on PP4.  After German addition…after “Opium poppy seeds” add “produced out of licit poppy cultivation”
UK prefers not to accept amendment.  Opium poppy seeds are not subject to international control
Japan.  Support UK.  All poppy seeds are not subject to international control.
UK.  Reinforced.
Russia. Put in “according to the provisions of the 1961 Convention”.
Canada.  Poppy seeds are in many countries considered a food product.  We shouldn’t be talking about in CND.  If trade issue, other fora.  Can’t accept language that this convention has any bearing on poppy seeds.
Australia.  Align ourselves with UK.  Changes by Russia should be reversed.  Should go back to UK language.
India.  Reiterate that we are not talking about trading activity.  But illicit poppy seeds.  Proceeds go to cultivators of illicit poppy.  We are not doing the right thing by accepting this.  Illicit poppy crop seeds cannot be traded freely.
Netherlands.  Support Germany and UK and Australia.
Chair.  Bracket.

PP6. Recognizingthe benefit of continuing sharing knowledge among MS on the existing national regulations with regard to opium poppy seeds.
Canada.  Propose – “noting that some attempts of organized criminal groups to use various methods to disguise and conceal assignments of poppy straw and other narcotic drugs” Germany – take out references to opium, codeine, etc.  could compromise access to medicines.
Germany.  “Some countries,” cases??  Evidence.  Ready to learn about it.
Russia.  Have given examples and illustrations, maybe in the absence of the representative from Germany.  Russia has seen it regularly.  Active concealment including opium and poppy oil.  Consignments prepared for the Netherlands.  Also had on from Belarus involving Lithuania with product cultivated in Spain.  Ukrainian seeds.  With concealment of the poppy oil.  Goes back to 1999.  ECOSOC resolution.  Origin of such licit and illicit production, but also presence in the seeds of morphine and various opioids in resolution of CND in 2008, and in 2010.  Specific resolution related to controlling seeds in opium poppy from illicit cultivation irrespective of origin with recording of facts of concealment and in this regard I respectfully respond to the question of the representative from Germany and that these are one off situations.  These resolutions do not deal with the trade in opium seeds and we are drawing attention to the movement of illegal seeds instead of legal seeds.  Illegal substances being used to replace those seeds.

UK.  Ask Canada if their proposal is going to replace UK para.
Canada.  No.  Work on below.
Turkey. Express support to German colleague.  As one of the oldest producers of opiate materials reference to “some countries” should be maintained.
Germany.  “Noting that some attempts of
Spain.  Support Germany.  Reference to gastronomic discussion.
Chair.  Propose going to informal again, running out of time.  This evening we will have an evening session.  Quite a lot of work to do.
Russia.  Room Moo3 (9-11am)

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