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CND Day 4 – VNGOC statement

We have evidence based interventions which can greatly increase effectiveness of prevention, early intervention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery. But little evidence these are implemented. Evidence of strategies, but not of resources and implementations. We have evidence base, limited which need to be improved across 3 pillars of plan of action. Debate on effective drug control is occurring in all regions. All members emphasis centrality drug control conventions but some emphasizing need for flexibility, the price of lost lives of law enforcement, drug misusers etc is serious. CND is in enviable position to exercise choices, drawing on JMS and models of engagement with CSO developed for other UNGASS, you have opportunity to move focused attention on development of attention and health interventions which cross 3 pillars. You have opportunity to invest in and develop evidence based on what works on each pillar and how they can interact and enforce each other. You have opportunity to build better system wide coherence so that goals of health based approach can be taken forward. We can together explore how to use flexibility in conventions to better achieve our goals to secure health and welfare of mankind. Ask for your support in establishment of CS task force to facilitate participation. Let’s find innovative ways to engage CS, bring forward their participation to UNGASS2016 so that it is a landmark in evidence-based drug policy.

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