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CND Day 4 – CADCA statement

Drug Policy Futures, Kevin Sabet: one of writers of 2012 OAS report but less happy on way it has been portrayed in media and by CS. We are part of DPF, promoting balanced approach based on health and appropriate role for LE, not dichotomy of war on drug or legalisation. Our demand for illegal drugs has been low compared with alcohol and tobacco, why would we want to treat drugs same as alcohol and tobacco. Not that everything we have done is perfect but legalisation will not solve problem. We can improve treatment and prevention. Allowing drugs to cross borders will compromise us all. Come visit Colorado and see mass bombardment of advertising on cannabis, talk to doctors who cannot keep up with health problems, to families and children in hospital after ingesting cookies and sweets with cannabis. VNGOC represents diverse set of organisations, not just well resources CS must be engaged, we must reach out to less developed countries to ensure those CS are involved as well. Discussing alternatives is good, but let’s not use it as a euphemism for measures that compromise public health. Let’s not emphasise alone law enforcement or legalisation.

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