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High Level Segments- El Salvador Statement

In 2009, international community adopted PD and POA on WDP.  Five years later we are here to review based on principle of joint and shared responsibility.  WDP in different manifestations means serious threats to our states: democratic stability, rule of law, etc.  Detrimintal to health and public safety.  Budget issue.  Govt. of El salvador approved national drug strategy.  tool based on policies, aims and public and private sector resources to try and make progress with regard to drug control.
Acknowledged by INCB.  Fully comply with conventions, strengthening control systems and changing regulations for import of scheduled substances.  Approved civil forfeiture law and assets..November 2013.  Regulate civil forfeiture.  Govt. of ES has seized containers with precursors used to manufacture NPS.  Have dismantled criminal groups distributing oxycodone.  PRELAC an EU initiative implemented by UNODC.  Receiving technical assistance for a bill that will go to parliament on precursors.  Prevention — government and Minister of Education have designed programs.  Treatment.  six prevention and treatment centers in national hospitals.  Acknowledging role of civil society.  Government has launched initiatives fostering participation to reduce supply and demand.  Include new alternatives to imprisonment for consumers based on proportionality between damage and punishment.  Rehabilitation and productive life a priority.  Death penalty — 2nd protocol of international and civil rights expresses opposition to death penalty for drug crimes.  Necessary to continue efforts to combat drug problem.  We have other challenges.  Improve global anti-drug strategy.  2016 UNGASS will be very important and help us pave way to 2019.  CND important body in UN system best placed for this. Can also be unified criteria with other multilateral bodies.  HR and public health important.  Careful in preparations for 2016 meeting. Cannot venture or risk fostering approaches whose impacts have not been objectively tried and tested through experience and cannot violate three drug treaties.  Dealing with WDP means fighting trans organized crime and trafficking and also consider prevention in alignment with national and international law.  Complex task that requires political will and effort.  Strengthening technical assistance.  Need balanced, comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach based on human rights etc..

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