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High Level Segment – Statement of Government of Angola

Angola delegation associates itself with G77 and China and African Group in opening session.  Participation of Angola in this high level event that celebrates midterm review of PD and POA is an equivocal proof of our commitment and willingness to continue working with other states in search for solutions to lead to effective reduction in demand and supply of psychotropic substances.  Only broad convergence among various states in terms of harmonious approach can make a major contribution to combating trafficking in our societies.  It is a global problem so we consider that global plan to combat drugs must prioritize prevention as a weapon with adequate means and resources.  Reconcile security policy with combating terrorism with reference to new paradigm of security of countries. Combating trafficking has joined list of priority areas for 2012-2017 five year period.
Program to combat drugs has been developed by executive and will be implemented and provides for following measures.
1) Prevention policy
2) Awareness of society and young people in particular about socio-economic effects of drug use and addiction
3) combat use of drugs by cracking down on trafficking and money laundering.  Improving links between national and international authorities
4) Prevention and treatment, risk reduction and minimization of harm and social reintegration with model of prevention system in family, school and leisure environment
5) treatment model to integrate new conceptions and trends to guarantee a decrease in illness for protecting public health and safety of people and property
6) Reinforce prevention, treatment and prevention in prison environment — resources for initiatives of treatment and social and professional reintegration of addicts.
7) Alternative measures to complement prison sentences adjusting fines linking agents of system, clarifying distinctions between use and trafficking
8) Better information about drugs and addiction in Angolan society.  Dangers of different drugs
9) Increase scientific training and human resources in drug addiction
10) Mechanisms for financing measures to combat drugs in research, training, and
11) Implement operational mechanisms to combat trafficking and problems with internal order

Drugs undermine democracy and capacity of states to confront this scourge, health of people and human rights.  Eradicating drugs through repression further aggravates this problem.  Must find other models where social justice prevail.  Without local intervention will not be successful.  Want a policy that reduces deviant and addictive behavior.  Must involve education, employment, professional training, urban planning, and ?? Drug use a result of factors of socio-economic exclusion.  Discussion of risk reduction programs from public health perspective health perspective.  Angolan government is looking to the future, having as its main target the promotion of a healthy life free of drugs.  We have been constantly improving our policies and vigilance and adapting it to new manifestations of illicit trafficking to appearance of new drugs, especially NPS.  Major threat in coming decades.  This review event represents an important moment for agreement of global strategy in fight of one of biggest challenges of our time.  Drug trafficking challenges sovereignty of states.  Need concrete actions to reduce supply and demand and promote social reintegration of users.   Angola supports this framework in harmony with three drug conventions so we can combat this worldwide scourge.

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