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High Level Segment – Dominican Republic

Since the adoption of the political declaration in 2009, Dominican Republic has taken steps in accordance. Our country has made significant progress despite limited money and human resources. Committed to the effective implementation of the conventions. Has worked hard with relevant drug organisations. Have managed activities effectively

Demand reduction: our national strategies aimed to prevent drug consumption and assist people who use drugs. Programmes at all levels of school, workplaces, prisons and sports halls. These programmes involved 100’s of thousands of people.

Have signed agreements with organisations and NGOs to ensure awareness raising within the Dominican Republic. Has a drug observatory to document information and analysis of drugs. Provides national and international community with data on drugs and crimes. Have generated two surveys to get more data. Both surveys have both helped with public policies. Have improved care in treatment centres and made services better for people who use drugs. They are human-based strategies.

In reducing drug supply: national drug directorate coordinates these activities. Have done a lot of work on access routes. We have achieved better institutional coordination. We have detained more people for trafficking, and increases seizures of drugs and seized assets. Set records on seizures of all drugs. Implemented an early waring system.

Have acquired 8 planes which can work against vessels bringing in drugs. Restructured naval fleet to help. Signed agreements with UNODC.

Are working regionally, working on training of staff in prisons and on money laundering.

We believe that the support of the international community is essential to help all states achieve the targets.

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