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Statement of Santa Lucia

SL aligns itself with Grulac.  Island developing state.  20 years since conference on small island developing states.  International conference will be held in Samoa in October.  SL shares a number of commonalities with small island states.  Narrow range of resources. Vulnerable to external conditions.  High population density, limited institutional capacity.  Difficult to achieve economies of scale.  Vulnerable to a number of threats including being a transit country.  Easy availability of cocaine.  Cost well below destination countries.   Impact of easy availability of cocaine contributing to growth of HIV in SL and throughout LAM.  Specialized HIV vulnerability for use of cocaine and derivatives.  In SL portfolio for drug control rests with MOHealth.  Work to reduce illness of people using crack cocaine.  SL implores CND to make sure UNGASS recognizes special needs of small island states with regard to HIV and cocaine.  Indigenous cannabis cultivation — security forces continue to conduct eradication exercises.  No support for alternative development.  Need revenue to support families.  Cannabis cultivation is carried out by small farmers.  Sustainable livelihoods and assisting with post harvest technologies of legal crops would reduce better than eradication.  CND should produce a document to be used in treating drug related issues.  Should not increase stigmatization of people who use drugs.  Will not create barriers for PWUD who seek HIV/AIDS services.

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