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High Level Segment – Egyptian statement

(bad translation) Drugs are one of the most important challenges to states. There needs to be more collective action. We have seen this in 1988 at the UN General Assembly. The political declaration of 2009 has set out a new path. The aim is to free society of drugs. We want to take stock of the achievements halfway through through to their goal date. We are focussing our activities on this consensus since the 1990s. We must be realistic in our vision for the future and base ourselves on the scientific approach. We are aware of the world drug problem. We need international cooperation, no government can tackle the problem alone. Our national drug agencies have confiscated two shipments of 30 tonnes of hashish thanks to cooperation between international agencies. We also discovered many criminal groups importing heroin and other drugs. We hope to see more international cooperation. Tramadol is the second most widespread narcotic drug in Egypt and has been scheduled as a controlled substance. All of the tramadol has been imported from abroad. 430 million tablets have been seized.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/83532403-67ad-4b9f-a0ba-ebc36bf3d333

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