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High Level Segment – Statement by Saudi Arabia

We believe in regional and international cooperation. Conventions aim at striking a balance between demand and supply reduction. There is no way to achieve supply if we don’t also reduce demand. To address effectively demand reduction, we need more effective political attention to provide victims with appropriate services to put health first. It is a human centred approach to drug demand. Addiction is a multiple condition that can be treated. The approach on security, prevention and health must be part of a comprehensive strategy to protect all members of society in an integrated manner. UN has introduced global standards to guide us. To tackle drug abuse, we should first shield our society from it, boost social institutions and have effective security policies in place, in the values of Islam which protect human life.

We make tireless efforts to seize hashish and amphetamines. We will serve as a step to move towards a balanced approach on prevention and treatment. We will continue to work with UNODC on efforts to implement our drug strategy. We have ambitious plans. We are confident that our partnership with UNODC will bolster our efforts to reduce supply and demand.

Please click here to view the full statement:http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/82e175b3-74e1-4774-b1b4-ef5fae7cd318

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