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High level segment – Khazakstan representative

Kazakhstan is taking decisive measures. Combatting drug trafficking is an important part of our policy.

Three parts to Kazakhstan’s problem: Transit of afghan heroin, presence of homegrown, and imported synthetic drugs from the west. UNODC estimates of afghan heroin put it at 50-90 tonnes of heroin. Our consumption market for heroin is quite small at 800kg a year.

Our efforts to reduce production of opioids is being negated by production of NPS. Our response to this must be international dialogue. We also have concerns about plans to legalise narcotic drugs. Khazakstan gives importance to

We offer full support to UNODC. Our ministry of the interior is the coordinating authority. We are trying to shut down afghan routes in 2014 we have appropriated over 200 million dollars.  Last year alone we neutralised over 12 gangs. We confiscated more than 200% to 700 tones of heroin. They have made many convictions and  40% drop in drug users over the past two years. Co-ordinating regionally and have done joint operations in central Asia. We are also data sharing.
We are planning to set up a drug testing programme that will target students and school children so we can identify people at a young stage.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/75d66291-9e88-40a9-8597-2518734611be

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