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High Level Segment – Statement by Afghanistan

This is a great opportunity to review the political declaration and plan of action of 2009. We work towards peace, prosperity and security. I want to begin by associating myself with the statement of G77 and China and the Asia Group – the drug problem is a global challenge which remains a common and shared responsibility. We play an active role in addressing the world drug problem. Supported by the international community, we have made significant achievements in countering the world drug problem. We have developed key policies on law enforcement, drug demand reduction, public awareness, international cooperation and alternative livelihoods.

Our treatment capacity has increased from 1% to almost 6%. Almost 6,000 drug traffickers have been arrested in the past few years. Alternative development has led to increased means of subsistence for farmers. I express my gratitude to our partners for financial and technical support over the past few years. Afghanistan has become the prime victim of the global menace of drugs. We are developing a holistic approach towards drug production, trafficking and use.

Trafficking can be reduced with combined approaches of alternative livelihoods and eradication. We must expand the reach of our alternative livelihood programmes. Poppy eradication is also an important aspect of our work. A new campaign started in Afghanistan last week to meet a higher target than last year.

Continued cooperation with countries is one of the key ways to counter narcotics. Another key component is demand reduction, which requires intensified and integrated approaches at national and international levels.

The Government is committed to keeping counter narcotics as a key priority. We expect more countries to engage in helping Afghanistan to counter narcotics.

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