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High level segment – Minister for Children from Sweden

Sweden fully associates itself with the statement made by EU. Sweden worried about where drug policy is going and the trend to liberalise. Says some governments are leaving the path that all governments decided to go down in 2009. She asks what has changed since 2009 to cause this change. The main goal of the swedish policy is a drug free society. In the 60s and 70s our policy was liberal and our number of drug users was high. Drugs were prescribed to addicts. Says they were counter productive. Cannabis use was accepted at the time. Drug dealers took advantages with this.Swedish drug policy has now changed. Our policy is now one of optimism. Harmful effects of drugs can be restrained. We have learned that you need strong public support, there is consensus among political parties and citizens for the policy. Recall the convention on the rights of the child, it requires states to protect children. It’s the 25th anniversary, and we need to renew our efforts to protect children.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/dfbf2b79-5bcc-43f1-891f-225e554d7b4f

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