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High Level Segment – Namibia

Namibia was first to speak in 2009, and second to last to speak here today. Associates itself with the statement by African Group and the statement by the G77. Despite continued and increased efforts, the world drug problem is still a threat to public health and security, this meeting should give us renewed energy. Namibia is an ideal transit route, and so faces all the problems this entails. Namibia has regular training for customs and border officials. This has meant that we are now getting drug abuse. Mainly cannabis, and volatile substances. Other drug use is surging. There has also been an increase in using women and girls for trafficking. There are many youth focussed prevention programmes. Namibia is updating its drug laws. Namibia is also reviewing it national drug control strategy. They call upon the international community to help stop drug trafficking. Ask for support to do this. Namibia urges member states to abolish the death penalty for drug related offences.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/cf734522-3b8b-4a54-8ee5-8ae6a5f82e81

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