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Statement of Republic of Libya

Many countries suffer from the negative effects of drug use as well as trafficking.  we believe that international cooperation in combating WDP must be based on shared responsibility and commitment to joint action to achieve common goals.  Enhance cooperation among themselves and help parties that require assistance.  Drug problem affects almost all countries and needs political will and international cooperation.  Note difficulties of transit states.
Stress the need to cooperate with these states and offer them assistance to combat drug problem.  Affirm importance of measure and declarations issued by 20th Assembly.  Reduction of demand and supply and benefit from lessons learned in period that followed this session in order to identify best practices among states.  Guarantee continuation of these activities and expand them.  Affirm its commitment to PD and POA.  Also believe that important developments have taken place in illicit demand and supply.  Challenges that require amending relevant national and international agreements.  New trafficking trends and ATS and increased use of chemical substances not under international control.  Growing link between illicit trade of drugs and organized crime.  Libya has always supported UNODC and will reaffirm important role of subregional office in Tripoli and further support it in its role.  (Gave amount it has paid to support projects)  3 drug control conventions best tools to combat WDP.  Believe it is important to maintain fine balance to limit demand on drugs on one hand and comprehensive programs for treatment and prevention.  Reaffirm central role of CND and legislative arm of UN program on drug control. Renew support for INCB and role in international drug conventions.

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