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High Level Segment – Statement by AALCA

The 2009 declaration is of great importance for our region and among our 10 member states. Our organisation was expanded over the 3 decades. We have learned that the imperative of overcoming the non-economic problems we are facing – this includes drugs. The region is crossed by a major trafficking route for opium and heroin. 5 out of 6 Afghan neighbours are members of our organisation. We have been active in the global campaign against drugs and organised crime. We will continue to play a role in global arrangements, including the 2016 UNGASS. The international community and UN should ensure increased capacity in this regard.

AALCA has developed activities in partnership to achieve the objectives of the 2009 declaration in both demand and supply reduction – data collection, law enforcement, judicial anti-trafficking, awareness raising. We exchange data on the drug situation in the region. We also network with focal points and with law enforcement to tackle organised crime.

Targeting regional challenges linked to Afghanistan has been important. We have also explored ways to eradicate illicit crops. Alternative development is now on our agenda. Our organisation is the right place in the region where partnership can be expanded further. We must serve as a regional partner on alternative development in this part of the world. I want to propose to incorporate one item in the resolution proposed at CND on alternative development, reflecting the fact that AALCA has extensive experience in Afghanistan. We are looking for funds to further our activities. We should start these measures now, and continue them in the long term.

For 2016, we should draft a development agenda for drug control.

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