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Report on Round table A on demand reduction

There was consensus on demand reduction strategies based on scientific data and health. Drug treaties point out that health is essential and drug control through repression of production and trafficking was not enough.
1. prevention with focus on key people
2. treatment of people
3. treatment of associated disorders
4. scientific data on low HIV incidence when harm reduction services are available and asked UNODC to help develop these services
5. reductions in prevalence in certain substances, with reductions in HIV. This is a challenge for many countries.

Drug consumption and dependence it is a health problem. In many countries it would be useful to develop treatment services rather than criminalisation. But some countries expressed concerns on the fact that some countries legalised. training of professionals, early intervention and prevention should be enhanced. Training is necessary on the entire array of services and policies, as well as data collection.

All relevant stakeholders including NGOs should be included and engaged in demand reduction policies and programmes.

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