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High Level Segment – Statement by Burkina Faso

We endorse the statement made on behalf of the Africa Group. The situation in West Africa highlights the link between illicit drug trafficking and threats to the stability of political institutions. Drug abuse and transnational crime should be addressed via shared responsibility. We have initiated outreach activities and best practice. 46% of our population are young people. We have been faced with transit of cocaine, heroin and cannabis, and now NPS such as tramadol. To reduce drug demand, the Anti Drugs Committee has organised training sessions for truck drivers, school children, etc. We have strengthened vigilance in our border and have increased seizures to reduce supply. We have specialised anti-drugs units, we also have district courts imposing our criminal policy on drugs. We provide special training to judges for them to implement the law.

Law 26-2006 involves money laundering. Law 61 was also adopted on crime. Aware that the fight against illicit trafficking and organised crime is based on shared responsibility, we have ratified all international and regional conventions. Burkina Faso is also part of the West Africa Network of Authorities and Crime.But the fight is far from won. There is an absence of a care centre at national level, which is an obstacle, another one is lack of training. For statistical data, we have an official programme implemented by UNODC, but we have problems with funding. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate UNODC and all our technical and financial partners for their support. We call them to continue their efforts and their commitment as part of the integrated strategy on drug control and to counter the harms of drugs.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/32979bec-2b06-4c52-bce6-d3b9a33fd6d5

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