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High Level Segment – Minister of Public Health in Cameroon

Congratulates the members of the board and the INCB. While adhering to the statement by the African Group, he hopes the debates will enable us to talk about trafficking and drug abuse in detail. It is obvious that the world is familiar with many different kinds of drugs. As the UNODC report on the WDP, cannabis is one of the most produced, consumed, and trafficked drugs. Africa has to face this reality. Several tonnes of cannabis have been seized in Cameroon and many acres of crops destroyed. Cocaine, Heroin, and amphetamines are also causing problems. Cameroon used to only be a transit country for these substances, but they are now being seen more. Trafficking an abuse of drugs is becoming more common. Cannabis has seen a huge increase in consumption and trafficking. Drugs are getting in via air land and sea. We see, according to our surveys, 21% have tried a hard drug. Many people have poly-drug use. Last year large amounts of tablets have been seized, tramadol especially. Healthcare professionals report that drugs are becoming the main way diseases is being transmitted. At one hospital, they see 5000-6000 people, many of these are young people.
They have ratified the drug conventions, have laws which govern the drug control and have set up a committee to deal with public health. Taking a regional approach. Cameroon have participated in several sessions of CND. Data is passed on to the UNODC where it is available. They celebrate the international day against drug abuse, they have drug seizures and they destroy cannabis fields. There is modern equipment and police have been trained in modern tactics. Cameroon is looking for aid to help them improve their response to drugs. They would like to be admitted to the UNODC’s African programme so they can improve their response to drugs. Cameroon supports the declaration and plan of action. Asks for help and support for Africa in general and Cameroon in particular.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/38e8ddfd-cbe5-47e4-a6c1-96ac38b63e7e

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