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High Level Segment: Statement by Mexico

Deputy Attorney General of Mexico. We are convinced that this event will lead us to counter the world drug problem and ensure the wealth and well being of society. Mexico is committed to the balanced implementation of supply, demand reduction, internal cooperation, following the principle of shared responsibility. But we must recognise that these efforts are not enough to solve a global problem. Strategies to reduce demand and supply undertaken under the political declaration cannot cause effects more harmful than those caused by use and supply.

We must recognise the need to enrich the existing pillars to prevent and reduce negative effects. Our costs on the social fabric, public health, the rule of law and validity of institutions are dire. Unilateral action does not favour the practice of shared responsibility.  Recently attention has been focused on specific countries and marijuana, but this is one element in the international debate. We should remember that only coordinated action will lead to global responses. We should do joint actions if we start with the long term perspective that puts the well being of individuals at the core.

Mexico wants to promote a critical and respectful debate towards 2016. New approaches and perspectives should be objectively evaluated for the reality of each member state. The prep process will start this year. It should include UNODC, CND and other UN organisations. Good practices, lessons and regional processes should be taken into account, including the regional report of the OAS as well as the UNDP programme on trafficking. Academia and CSOs should also be included in the process.

We must combine the existing conventions and the enrichment of the 2009 declaration. this should include preventing harms. We should favour treatment over criminalisation, strengthen policies to focus on health and human rights for drug use. We oppose the death penalty for drugs offences. I want to emphasize that the President Pena Nieto thinks it is necessary to strengthen prevention and treatment, public coexistence, peace and security. This does not prevent law enforcement, but we should include social programmes. Crime prevention and law enforcement are dependent on sustainable development and human rights. We will adopt more targeted measures nationally, regionally and globally. We will seize the opportunity offered by the UN to further the debate.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/c603dbfd-fdf5-4407-a6d9-83fa997fa814

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