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High Level Segment – Statement by China

China has stuck to principles in the political declaration and plan of action. Taken integrated action to
People-centred philosophy. Combining treatment, established drug prevention working groups. Exploring scientific new drug treatment, and voluntary treatment. 70 govt financed treatment centres with. Nation-wide over 600 methadone clinics, 400,000 people getting maintenance treatment 836 post treatment job centres which have offered jobs. China has consolidated its approaches to trafficking. Is taking steps regionally in South East Asia. from 2009-2013 over 5000, cases, arrested over 6000 people, and have seized many many tonnes of drugs. It’s up to the state to decide the criminal punishment, China has always exerted control of precursors. New laws will be bought into place later this year and a new information service. Hundreds of tonnes of precursors have been seized. China has collaborated international within bi-lateral and multi-lateral settings. Have done remote poppy field monitoring and alternative development programmes in SEA. Mynamar poppy fields have decreased for the first time in many years. China is working on money laundering and have been improving approach. Over 10 major operations recently. The complex situation means that china will work with mutual respect for sovereignty, territorial borders and position on human rights. Urge countries to ensure their support of the UNODC.

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