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High Level Segment – Statement by the Netherlands

The Dutch policy is based on a balanced approach between demand and supply. We have a creative and flexible approach. Since policies could be counter productive and have negative effects, we need to review them. We work on prevention, treatment, harm reduction, social integration and rehabilitation.

We discussed harm reduction at the Joint Ministerial Statement negotiations. It is not about legalisation but about improving the quality of life of users. Drug consumption rooms are set up in this framework. They provide a more hygienic environment for people to avoid transmission of diseases. Now HIV infections have been reduced among PWUD.

The sale of all drugs is prohibited, but cannabis sale is tolerated in coffee shops. This is to prevent users to involve in organised crime and avoid use of other drugs. The policy had positive outcomes. The Netherlands is taking necessary measures for demand and supply on the basis of evidence and n abidance with international obligations.

Draft resolution on dronabinol: evidence and WHO studies have shown evidence that the substance is not very harmful and is used for medical purposes. I call on CND members to support the resolution.

Human rights is at the heart of drug policy. But violations continue to be carried out in the name of drug control. 12 UN agencies have called for the closure of compulsory treatment centres. We support this call. In many countries, the death penalty is used for drugs offences – the Netherlands is against the use of the death penalty in any circumstances. We support INCB’s statement, and regret that this issue did not get a space in the Joint Ministerial Statement.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/d4088697-580c-4cce-a00a-8460ad517173

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