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High Level Segment – Statement by Denmark

Refer to EU statement.  Danish delegation fully supports.  Progress made since POA and PD adopted in 2009.  However, drug problem continues to pose a serious threat to PWUD and society as a whole.  Government of Denmark welcomes opportunity of midterm review in implementation of PD and POA.
A few points necessary to achieve.  Drug policies should be balanced.  Prohibition and control cannot stand alone.  Evidence based prevention, early intervention and treatment.  Harm reduction should be an essential element of policies at national international level.
Regrettably harm reduction as a term and concrete measures gives rise to debate.  Overall aim is health and welfare of human beings as well as drug trafficking and harms relating to drug abuse.  Harm reduction introduced in Denmark and an essential element of drug policy.  Use of drugs still a problem and source of harm.  We have experienced that real results in the reduction of harm are achievable.  Complex and expensive, others simple, and relatively limited costs.  Common to all is that PWUD and society as a whole benefit.  This approach is based on conviction that drug policies should be based on human rights.  Everybody has the right to be treated with dignity.  We encourage the use of HR based approach and welcome harm reduction as an essential element of drug policy here in Vienna.  Achievement of goals in PD and POA, civil society must be involved at national and international level.  Not least in lead up to UNGASS involvement of CS will provide MS with important experience and knowledge.  Serious challenges despite our best efforts.  Balanced and evidence based drug policy based on human rights essential to meet these challenges.

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