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High Level Segment – Statement by Costa Rica

Adheres to Nicaragua and Sri Lanka statements for Grulac and group of 77.  Many of us share views and opinions that place people at the center of the debate and take into account many factors that contribute to drug problem.  Despite huge efforts made so far problem persists.  Not achieved expected results.
Has sent problem to other countries with very high costs.  Geopolitical situation of Costa Rica stuck between production and market.  Need to review predominant approach to treating WDP.  Completely against death penalty.  Militarizing the problem not the way forward.  Leads to loss of life and does not achieve better results.  Best strategy is society that is inclusive and offers opportunities for all with prevention and responsible personal choices.  Transparency, efficacy and integrity under rule of law respecting human rights.  We are building that society.  we must act together in different fields and include all stakeholders including civil society.  Individual responses should be part of a global response. Greatest challenge ahead.

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