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High Level Segment – Statement of Romania

Fully associates itself with statement of EU.  After five years not satisfied with progress made on PD and POA.  UNGASS another political opportunity to identify solutions to WDP.  Successful evaluation should take into account respect for human rights.  Essential principle is respect of human rights, dignity, democracy, solidarity and rule of law.  Opposed to measures not respectful of human dignity.
Drug prevention policies continue to represent coordinated and uniform response directed towards strengthening of prevention measures for local needs.  Public institutions and civil society in partnership.  Drug demand reduction compromised by NPS trafficking and use.  Civil society, etc. helpful.  Combat HIV AIDS for PWID.  Increasing cases based on use of NPS.  Strengthen national system for prevention as part of comprehensive and balanced approach based on evidence.  Focus on illicit heroin and opium trafficking as well as cannabis and precursors.  Support coordinated measures and capacity building initiatives.   Conventions against corruption and organized crime very helpful instruments with a view to improving judicial cooperation.

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