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High Level Segment – Statement by Slovenia

Associates itself with EU statement.  Drug use impacts all components of human security.  Through international cooperation we are more effective in interventions.  Much progress has been made but problem is not solve.  Should further debate and strive to agree on drug demand reduction including risk and harm reduction and policies involved with cannabis.  Initiatives to legalize many and strong including in Slovenia.  Adopting new drug strategy based on integrated and balanced approach.  Drug strategy calls for numerous actions many of which have been successfully implemented.  Intervention and treatment programs targeted at vulnerable groups.  Includes harm reduction measures as part of overall treatment policies.  Strong support for harm reduction taking into account data on impact.  Risk and harm reduction interventions have been successful preventing spread of infectious disease and number of drug related deaths.  “People who use drugs are in a difficult situation and we have to help them not punish them.” — Youth Statement.

All elements based on respect for human rights, human dignity and human life.  Strongly opposes Death penalty in all circumstances.  In drug related offenses not in line with drug conventions as Fedetov says.  Mutual cooperation continues to be essential.  Slovenia strengthening regional cooperation in all relevant organizations.  SE European country region strengthened.  One of main priorities is implementation of measures in drug use and illicit trafficking and helping countries prepare drug strategies.  Only through a joint effort on governmental and non-governmental side can be achieved.  CND can help us take the right direction.

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