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High Level Segment – Statement by Ghana

Ghana. Threat from NPS to Ghana and all vulnerable countries.
First.  Demand reduction strategy, comprehensive approach, engagement with national stakeholders to improve skills and enhance capacity.  Mainstream community participation.  Pool of resources for strategic advice.  Enhance prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.  Strengthen regime for treatment and rehab of drug dependent.  Progress being made.  Drug abuse sensitization program…faith based organizations and communities.  Multi-media outreach of Narcotics Control Board to youth and schools in local languages.
Drug education should be carried to doorsteps of ordinary Ghanaian.
Two: Trafficking an enormous challenge.  Illicit production of meth.  Traditional threat of cannabis still a struggle.  Cocaine trafficking through region.  Seizures of heroin in our part of continent.  Reduce supply and enhance cooperation between law enforcement agency.  Analyze new trends, address s and de together.  control of precursor and ATS.  Ghana has partnered with international community to control drug menace.  Networking in context of C and S responsibility dramatic successes.  Are aware of dangers posed by trafficking of precursors and NPS.  While international efforts are continuing to establish evidence base.  Precautionary approach must be taken on national level without inhibiting legitimate use.  Legislation recently in Ghana to include and control some new NPS and meth and derivatives.  Ghana has also made progress in monitoring export to and from territory.  Registration of all companies.  Issuing license.  Unannounced inspections.
Third goal.  Promotion of strategic approach to counter drug trafficking.  National, regional, and international synergies.  Embedded in existing social structures and organizations.  High quality strategic information on trans organized criminal orgs at regional level.
four; alternative development.  Eradication of cannabis in endemic parts of country.  Will be considerably enhanced by technical assistance from international partners. Severe limitation of resources here.  Fighting trafficking requires collective and shared responsibility.  Trafficking sophisticated and technologically advanced.  UNODC technical assistance has enhanced capacity.  Joint Port Control Unit.  Mentoring operations such as O Westbridge as well as EU supported projects, Airport Communication Project and Sea COP.  Inadequate resources hamper efforts to implement POA and national strategies.


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