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High Level Segment – Statement by Italy

Italy Pleased that MS reached consensus on JMS.  FIrst high level review gives us the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to 2009 objectives and int. drug conventions.  CND central drug body in UN systems. and will do the same in run up to UNGASS.  Regret lack of progress against death penalty.  Italy has adopted integrated and balanced approach.
Public health system a priority.  Very positive results in Italy. Decrease in drug related disease and infection.  Treatment, risk and harm reduction, recovery, integration.  Risk and harm reduction measures could aim at preventing harm of citizens while minimizing social deviance, disease and criminality.  early contact with healthcare services and ensuring full recovery.  Assistance and complete support to families, educators and young people through early protection and initiatives.  Our objective has been not only the protection of health of each individual but public health as a whole.  Drug related accidents at the work place prevented also drivers.  Threat posed by NPS.  Since 2009 through national early warning system have been monitoring, also on internet.  Production, distribution and effects of substances.  Addiction is a public health problem, a brain disease, complex condition affecting different aspects of human being from medical, psychological and social point of view.  we can prevent and heal such a disease.  Need multiple knowledge and skills to approach in integrated multidisciplinary way incorporating all relevant scientific branches.  “Addictology”– new science being developed in Italy.  Evaluating outcomes of treatments provided b public addiction services and therapeutic communities to find most effective models. Pleased that JMS incorporated recognition of vulnerable groups including women and children.  Specific needs of women addressed in Italy.  Healthy, drug free communities in Italy the goal.  Actively engaged in countering drug trafficking at all levels.  Source and transit countries a priority for international cooperation.  Concentrate resources and technical assistance on concrete initiatives that are successful for supply reduction.  Effective international framework crucial.  Full and universal implementation of Palermo and Merida conventions must be supported.

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