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High Level Segment – Statement by Ukraine

The government has implemented a national strategy to counter illicit narcotics for the period through to 2020. This was approved in 2013. During lengthy and detailed drafting process, we held consultations with ministers, NGOs and international experts through seminars, hearings and conferences. The new content of the strategy includes a consistent line on how to reduce demand. This is based on the world experience and in partnership with international experts. So what is new? We main streaming a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to tackling addicts – unified psychological and psychiatric approach with treatment of HIV and hep C, as well as OST. The number of patients under OST has increased constantly.

Secondly, we are working to decriminalise drug policy with a new approach towards addicts who need help, not imposing criminal sanctions. Reductions in scope for criminal prosecution has been accompanied with administrative offences.

There is a need for a radical and revolutionary change in the view of all stakeholders. We understand the political declaration and we want a mutually responsible solution to the problem. We have moved beyond a medical approach towards a policy approach – prevention, treatment, harm reduction and recovery. We work on solid, scientific balanced tested ground. This has led in the increase in the number of stakeholders involved. Our approach has acquired a new meaning and more hopeful future. We have benefited from a better involvement of CSOs. No state can cope with the problem of drug addiction alone. And civil society can help. We must deploy the full arsenal of resources we have to overcome the stigma of addiction. We are particularly interested in Portugal, Czech Republic and others.
Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/af5b3834-41cd-426b-90ef-e3f42dfa9d40

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