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High Level Segment – Statement by Paraguay

Paraguay. Transit country for some substances.  Production of marijuana.  Have users now.  Smokable cocaine now.  Transit production and consumption requires integrated, multidisciplinary and forceful approach.  Dialogue with neighbors.  Supply reduction good but greater balance with demand reduction.  Necessary protection for most vulnerable.  Cocaine seizures.  98% cocaine paste.  Large variations in purity.
Increase in price of drug now.  Most marginalized areas, young people and kids mostly consumers.  National Secretariat concerned with increasing consumption of cocaine paste.  Focused on eradicating trafficking of drugs.  Small family business.  Underage kids used for trafficking.  Pseudoephedrine and sulfuric acid and PP and acetone seized.  Marijuana producer also despite government efforts to destroy crops.  UNODC agreement for integrated national program.  Unique in our region.  Organized crime, justice, anti-corruption, drug demand and treatment.  Custom service agreement and national police also with re to container trafficking.  National integrated program a platform for South South international cooperation.  CENAD also has defined strategic alliances to carryout join operations.  operations without borders.  Drug trafficking and related crimes.  PRELAC.  precursor chemicals.  Work with Brazil eradicating marijuana.
Demand reduction.  Increasing consumption of cocaine paste.  Census in treatment centers.  Most px hospitalized for cocaine paste.  Prevention programs in schools and families.  Paraguay committed to multilateral mechanism. OAS and other fora.  Offered to host 24th meeting of anti-drug law enforcement agencies for LAM and the Caribbean.  Fedetov has accepted offer.  Inviting all delegations to attend meeting 6-10 Oct. in Asuncion.


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