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High Level Segment – Statement by Yemen

We hope the meeting will promote international cooperation in drug control. We are witnessing changes in organised crime the world over. We need to expand the scope of addressing this problem, which has become a real menace affecting our communities. It is fertile ground for illicit trafficking and money laundering. We must promote alternative development in producer countries. we must also intensify campaigns to prevent use. We have ratified the international conventions on drug control. We call on the international community to address is plague. We have a legal framework since 1993 where our national law controls drugs. We are now preparing a draft to modify the law. We have also seized since 2008, 37 tons of hashish coming from East Asia, pills, cocaine, destroyed huge quantities of drugs. But these seizures are only a small percentage of the problem. Yemen is an easy transit country.We require further cooperation between the states of the region. The menace is against the whole region and we need to review policies at the regional level. The protection of cultivation and transit countries through intensification efforts collaboratively is necessary. We hope this meeting will reach a unified position. Alternative development is an important policy. We must also implement the special declaration on the guidelines to reduce demand and supply according to the international conventions.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/09b23415-defc-4a5e-898f-cc9b8c04395d

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