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High Level Segment – Statement by Israel

Health centered approach to drug policy.  State of Israel against death penalty for drug related offences.  Multi-diciplinary approach to anti-drug policy.  Balanced demand and supply approach to combat drug and alcohol abuse.  Implements healthy life skill approach.  Parent an integral part of approach.  Community centers sport events and more.  Treatment in prison system.  Harm reduction to reduce adverse consequences.
Training for staff involved.  Sharing best practices with international communities.  Shares with developing countries.  UNODC a key partner.  Synthetic drug market is of concern to entire global community.  one of the setbacks in achieving goal of POA.  Early warning advisory system for NPS.  Recent legislative efforts in this respect.  Used to be 3500 convenience store outlets.  Now this has changed.  Law enforcement can seize and destroy.  Producer has to prove non-dangerousness.  Onus on sellers not users.  Public education on dangers of NPS.  Sales now perceived as a criminal activity. Shift to cybertrafficking.
Counter money laundering and promote judicial cooperation. Confiscate proceeds of crime.  Government fund reallocated to prevention, treatment and law enforcement.  Prominent debate on legalization of cannabis concerning.  Must find a way to cope with while protecting children.  Support medical cannabis.  Alleviation from pain and suffering. Challenge is to promote right message to entire society.

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