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High Level Segment – Statement by Belarus

Drug problem a major global issue.  Knows no borders. No major change at global level despite all efforts to control.  Increase in illegal poppy cultivation and NPS.  Upcoming UNGASS note relevance of recommendations in 2009 PD and relevance of existing drug control system.  Belarus is party to all main anti-drug conventions.  Countering drug trafficking a form of transnational organized crime a priority.  Drug addiction a factor that has a significant impact on vitality of nation.  Targeted and effective measures to combat drug dealing.  Initiatives are the following:
Alternatives to incarceration for addicts committing minor crime.
Harsher penalties for those selling drugs to minors.  Also cross border crimes.
Trade in smokable blends now cracked down on.
Regularly add to schedule of controlled substances.  Increased prevalence a threat.  Express hope that today’s forum will be an important step forward and give new impetus to law enforcement agencies.

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