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High Level Segment – Statement by Germany

No ignoring the fact that actuality of drug conventions being questioned very intensely not only in public foreign.  Need to focus more on health than crime.  QUestion is whether 3 conventions in current form provide sufficient flexibility to do so.  Single Convention statements on prevention of drug abuse and treatment of dependence.  1961 UN Conference reminded states parties of obligation to prevent drug addiction.
Here the connection between people’s social condition and drug problem is clearly stated.  Improving social and economic condition of affected person the basis of prevention.  Deplorable social and economic conditions predispose them to drug addiction.  Recommendation continues to be valid today.  In keeping with WHO concept of health it is our task to promote physical, mental, and social health of young people.  Good prevention includes education on risks and dangers of drug consumption.  People must have some prospect of leading their own lives.

Despite significance of prevention, objective of drug free society elusive in reality.  Even best drug prevention scheme will not prevent people for wanting the experience of getting high and reaching for drugs.  Dependency requires proper treatment opportunity.  Punishment and incarceration not a remedy.  Basic human rights must be respected.  Death penalty not compatible with human rights.  Already enshrined in 1961 Convention.  Treatment, education, aftercare and social reeducation.  Convention also goes on to list entire spectrum of measure of treatment, etc.  Have had very good results offering such opportunities in the past.  In order to treat drug dependence need evidence based procedures.  These include both treatment in a hospital, institution having a drug free atmosphere as well as MAT and Substitution treatment.  Makes  major contribution to harm reduction and reducing HIV infections.  Minimizing public health and social consequences of drug use.  Linguistic compromise in this respect.  Important to use technical guides of WHO, UNODC and UNAIDS.

Major efforts made by international community and successes in the area of prevention and treatment.  Challenges still remain because of huge profits to be made.  NPS etc. Join forces in solidarity to address these challenges.  Alternative Development — make use of positive experience in order to bring about long term reduction in use of illicit drugs.

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