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High Level Segment – Statement by Azerbaijan

Illicit drug trafficking source of financing for international terrorism.  Strengthen anti-drug potential of countries, individually and internationally.  In AZ addressed at highest level.  State commission set up that has been operating successfully over years.  Cross border problems monitored.  Objective evaluation of risks and threats currently to be confronted, comprehensive national program has been devised to achieve targets.
Attention focused on improving current legal framework, improving competencies of authorities, expanding international cooperation, introducing best practices.  Stepping up control of maritime, air and land borders, analytical data.  Integrated, interdepartmental database set up and is constantly updated.  Cultivation of drug crops prevented.  300 tons of plants in 700 hectares eradicated.  Comprehensive drug activities based on strict respect for human rights.  Cooperation with NGOs and media.  Awareness raising among young people and adolescents.  Policy to reduce drug demand particularly ATS and meth.  detecting at an early stage of dependence.  Extending medical care, treatment and rehabilitation.  Mistakes in this area may lead to deterioration of crime situation.  Highly dangerous organized crime.  Geopolitical situation means forecasting and supressing use by transnational groups for transit drug trafficking.  AZ makes its contribution to international cooperation. Due regard paid to joint activities of regional organizations to combat trafficking.  Threat from Afghan heroin trafficking our region at the forefront of this fight.  Current challenges and threats are clear.  Adequate countermeasures presuppose coordination of anti-drug strategies.

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