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High Level Segment – Statement by Nigeria

Associates with statement of G-77 and China.  Threat of illicit drugs cannot be wished away.  What is required is a world coordinated transnational and coordinated international strategy in line with principles of common and shared responsibility.  Special session of UNGASS HLR will not only enhance and rejuvenate collective efforts in fight against illicit drugs and psych substances.
Nigeria has adopted measures through preventive education, counseling, treatment, community mobilization.  Facilitate exposing children to early preventive measure.
Reports of abuse of tramadol Nigeria has scheduled tramadol as controlled medicine to rein in non-medical use.  Has made methadone available for treatment of opiate dependence in some hospitals.  Poly substance use a problem.   Controlled and non-controlled substances abused.  Look forward to working alongside international partners to further strengthen treatment programs.  Through sustained eradication of crops, interdiction and arrest made progress in containing illicit drug supply.  Cannabis the most cultivated.  Also increased trafficking in meth, precursors and other essential chemicals.  Identification of six clandestine labs a major breakthrough.  ALso had to contend with new transit dimensions.  Large consignments of heroin and cocaine by sea.  Work with private sector and pharma and other stakeholders organizing sensitization workshops on licit and illicit use.  Effective control of precursors.  On line export notification being used.  In INCB report continual significant seizures of cannabis by law enforcement.  Political will of government.  In spite of huge resources and effort to discourage cultivation of cannabis.  Farmers have no alternative livelihoods.  Must be encouraged and assisted to plant alternative crops or introduced to programs that can provide for them.  Nigeria welcomes recommendations of Berlin Expert group on Alternative Development November 2013.  Looking forward to implementation of those recommendations.  Particularly introducing alternative crops that will discourage cannabis cultivation.  Nigeria is committed to ensuring that convicted drug traffickers are denied proceeds of their crime.  Money laundering statutes.  Amended in 2011 to address some of the challenges.  Review of our national drug control master plan will be concluded in coming month.  2015-2019 new plan will reinforce multi-disciplinary plan.  Acknowledge support of international partners.

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