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High Level Segment – Statement by Peru

We have come here to attend the Segment to evaluate progress in implementing the objectives of the political declaration and seek ways to improve its implementation. In 2009, all states pledged to implement effectively the declaration on the basis of shared responsibility. We acknowledge the efforts deployed to meet this challenge. Peru has made efforts to implement the declaration and the UN drug conventions.
We have a clear vision of social inclusion. We have made efforts in eradication of crops and sustainable development, giving an opportunity for farmers to move to legal crops and economy, and to preserve the environment. To evaluate achievements and challenges, we believe that progress has been achieved since the 2009 declaration but new challenges have come up. For supply reduction, in the past 5 years, we have made progress in reducing crops or coca.

Peru is aware of complexity of WDP.  Political, environmental and social costs involved.  Damages health, social coexistence, safety and democratic constitutions.  Has led to increased violence linked to illicit drug trafficking.  Need open and candid discussion on WDP always in framework of respect for three international conventions.  Today we have asked to prepare JMS which will define achievements and difficulties in our work.  Peru as CND chair during 56 session started preparatory work and developed initial draft.  Of course all MS contributed to.  Would like to thank chair for reference to work of Peru.  In 2016 at UNGASS we will have a chance to consider in depth results achieved at this High Level session as well as other regular sessions.  Peru believes that international community will continue in its resolute efforts on all fronts to counteract world drug problem to promote a society free of drug use to make sure our people can live in health, dignity and peace in accordance with spirit of 2009 Declaration.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/a247aaf5-807f-4449-839c-1b2e814a74fb

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