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High Level Segment – Statement by the Kyrgyz Republic

On 16th April, it will be 20 years since we joined the 3 drug conventions. although fights against drugs are 100 years, they have not lost importance. We have made significant progress. It is only since we achieved independence that we saw this significance. We managed to get things under control with measures at all levels: border defences, investigative capacities, prevention programmes, breakthroughs with our national drug control authority.

We detected 9200 drugs offences, confiscated tons of drugs (heroin, hashish, opium). But none of this can influence the main issue – production in Afghanistan. It is for this reason that in anticipation, we are doing prep work in reducing supply. We’ve convened political meetings as a key issue alongside terrorism. It is a global threat and challenge. The Shanghai cooperation mechanism strengthens the role of the UN. We undertake measures with the Russian Federation, the US DEA, Kazakhstan, tadjikistan. We also expand dialogue on drug corruption and laundering of drug proceeds. It is the entire nation that is fighting against corruption. We have adopted laws to implement international standards of cooperation. We have measures to combat corruption as well, adopted in November 2013.

It would not be possible to achieve the objectives of the declaration if we do not collaborate. I believe that together we can achieve success for our nations.

Please click here to view the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/2d0b11a2-91d8-4bf2-9f57-34e5823048c8

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