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High Level Segment – Venezuela

In the 2009 political declaration it had the goal of reducing coca, poppy and cannabis plants, demand for drugs etc. etc. In the five years since this commitment, the international community is far from meeting these commitments. As noted in the report of the secretariat, coca bush plantation has declined but does not count as a “substantial” reduction. In saying that poppy production increased, and is likely to increased further. In regard to cannabis cultivation, cannabis is easier to grow in different environments and so data on production is elusive. Regarding demand reduction, we are told that since 2009 there has been an increase in the number of people who use drugs (in a UNODC report). But these reports are based on flawed data because response rate and responses themselves are incomplete. Synthetics production is going up. Countries have invested large sums in eradication which could have been invested in other areas. We were warned of new challenges, NPS, precusors, etc. The world drug problem is mutating because of actions by states. To declare victory is questionable. Talks about the increase in shipments of NPS and other trafficked substances. We must attack the root causes of the diseases, not just the symptoms. In reference to the ministerial statement to be released later today, they offer thanks to Yury Fedatov. Somethings were missed, others were under-emphasised, but it is a good way forward to UNGASS 2016.

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