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Statement of Algeria

Endorses Morocco ambassador speaking on behalf of African Group and Group of 77.  In 2009 UNGA adopted PD and POA to counter WDP.  Five years later we are meeting for a mid term review of its implementation and should pay tribute to ambassador of Namibia, chair of 52nd session whose endeavors led to consensus statement.  Algeria participation in HLS reaffirms commitment to struggle against WDP sharing our conviction that it is our duty to tackle this scourge with its negative impact on human health being proven — threatens integrity of criminal justice system.
Link between drug trafficking and terrorist activities and other forms of transnational organized crime through criminal networks, through circuits in the economy call for more international cooperation.  Algeria is convinced that effective solution to this scourge can only be found with effective implementation of 3 conventions.  Preserve its integrity.  Treatment of dependence in full observance of human rights, and prevention are effective, detection and law enforcement must also remain privileged territory of states.  Must cover our ears to calls for liberalization or legalization of drugs.  INCB director said an appeal here for caution where leniency on the part of states or liberalization beyond medical needs could lead to adverse consequences and irreversible effects.  In context of PD and POA Algeria adopted national strategy based on outcome of first strategy.  Epidemiological data allowed us to measure results of our strategy.  Has been very helpful in elaborating current strategy guiding efforts of various sectors.  Effective response — mainly characterized by importance given to prevention.  Focuses on young people, implementing a roadmap for each sector.  Surveys in schools, prevention actions to be taken by various stakeholders, more dynamic set of actions through the media and role of associations and synergy through networking.  Other strong point emphasizes prevention of dependence and treatment through five year strategy setting out a vast network of structures for care for drug dependence.  31 intermediate centers operation out of 53 planned.

Supply reduction.  Growing threats at the border being tackle.  Consolidation of specialized training for agents from local and national services.  Necessary to face organized crime at borders and desert areas.  Creation of new regional and scientific laboratories with equipment.  Strengthening of coordination between customs and gendarmeria.  New provisions introduced regarding new investigation techniques have contributed to dismantling drug trafficking networks.  Country still faces many challenges.

Algeria mainly a transit country.  Come from Mediterranean and Sub-saharan Africa.  Trafficking of cannabis resin is at the top of the list of drug trafficking.  In 2013 authorities recorded seizure of 211.512.773 kilos of cannabis resin.  Over 211 tons.  Compared with 157 in 2012.  While amounts of cocaine and heroin seized have increased only slightly and remain fairly low there has been an increase in tablet seizures — psychotropic.  25% increase in seizures.  Algeria attaches top priority to security its borders.  Cannot be seen separately from drug problem.  Situation of some countries in North Africa is a reminder of link between drug trafficking, transnational organized crime and terrorism that thrive on dirty money coming out of trafficking.  Promotion of socio economic development and effective interstate cooperation necessary to meet this challenge.  National efforts not sufficient on their own to deal with the drug problem, which is just expanding with globalization, new technology and internet in particular.  In five year period, international community observing more NPS emergence.  Must arm itself against new challenge without being detrimental to internationally controlled drugs.

Some progress in implementation of three conventions.  Substantial obstacles slow down achievements slowing down achievement of aims.  Algeria shares concerns concerns of INCB regarding initiatives taken on legalization for purposes other than medical and scientific, ie recreational, in particular cannabis.  Not acceptable.  Weaken supply and demand reduction balance that is cornerstone.  Dangerous deviation from efforts of international community in efforts of international community.  Runs counter to efforts.  Welcomes UNGASS in 2016.  Will be an additional opportunity to evaluate achievement and challenges.  Endorse JMS and call on international community to work with resolve to achieve aims of PD woo9.

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