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High Level Segment – Youth Iniative presentation

Allan from Kenya: 40 youth from more than 30 countries. People who use drugs need help not stigma. Need medical assistance not incarceration. Urges the role of science and use of media to promote an open and honest discussion about drugs. Asks the CND not to fail the generation of tomorrow. Need to get services in schools, especially better education

Emily Ferris from Lebanon: Parents need to have support about how to talk to their children about drugs. Underscores need for support for parents and teachers. Promotes the use of social media to reduce and prevent drug use. Asks policy makers to include youth in social media plans because young people can make it better. Asks for members to stop the availability of drugs without punishing people for using drugs. Use the knowledge presented by the previous speakers. Keep on working with us on this issue which is crucial to our health and wellbeing

Chairman: I would like to thank all the young people present here. Their work and activities today and tomorrow serve one purpose – the integrity an safety of the health and future of these young people.

Please click here to read the full statement: http://myconference.unov.org//Documents/Get/fcccf671-59e9-486a-928c-a880465b5226

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